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Last week there was an incident on a social website I am on. It was a photo of a dog and under said photo was a copy from this horrific “joke” of a post. I don’t even want to link it, because frankly for me and many of my friends, both cis and transgender alike, this is troubling. This isn’t a “cute” analogy, this isn’t even a joke, this is a mockery of a very real issue, one that wouldn’t even exist if the current government and those who are trying to get into office were not trying to do a smoke and mirrors so we ignore the illegal activities going on and proposed. That and the teabaggers realize their tea is rather to weak for us Americans who actually care about our fellow humans and their rights. Yep, this is a human right issue, and as the joke about the pool that is going around in Facebook, the bathroom issue is a non-issue. I unfriended this person, he was flamed, I in turn caused a bunch of issues within my new community because I am not going to sit back and watch this utter bullshit. I am not the girl who shuts the blinds and watches an assault, which this was.


Now this, children, is a joke. Because it is funny and doesn’t cross the line. It doesn’t make light of the issue, it breaks the issue into simplistic terms and has us all laughing. Children get this joke, in fact, children should really be listened to in this situation. Currently in Kentucky a local school system is struggling with this issue. Obama is sticking by his earlier mandated unisex bathrooms in all schools receiving federal funds. The School Board president is saying no, she won’t but three days ago further mandates were issued from Obama’s administration:

As a condition of receiving federal funds, “a school may provide separate facilities on the basis of sex, but must allow transgender students access to such facilities consistent with their gender identity,” reads a letter outlining guidance for schools, obtained by ABC.

While schools are permitted to offer single-use restrooms to students seeking “additional privacy,” they should not require transgender students to use single-use facilities if their classmates are not required to do the same, the edict adds.

Maybe we should ask the children, maybe we should take five minutes to ask how they feel about having a boy who identifies as a girl using the girls room or a girl who identifies as a boy using the boys bathroom. In fact, today I am going to talk about three heroes of mine, three kids one being a high functioning autistic child and the others are all 13 and under. The three I am speaking of say, “So, who cares?”

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Wait a moment, let me deconstruct this. A child, the ones that are being threatened by sexual predators, those horrible transgender people, are not scared. The kids who have it pumped daily about stranger danger, are not worried. Why should we listen? Because it is their bathrooms, they are the ones who are using them, who would see if there was an issue and they don’t have any.

The mother explained what was going on at their schools and around the world after the father busted out swearing and pitching a fit. With a look of confusion the 13-year-old says “What is the problem? If she is a he, shouldn’t he use the boys bathroom?” No explanations were given on what proper pronouns to use, she just used them, and a simple answer.

“But they are just kids, they don’t understand the complexity of the situation.”

My ass they don’t! That is just it, there is no complexity of the situation. The youngest said something else profound, “Mom, I am not gonna look into the stall next to me, I don’t care, if you gotta pee you gotta pee!!” “Exactly!!!” said the mom.

The autistic child, a boy, looked slightly confused and after looking back and forth between Mom and his siblings, he just shrugged his shoulders. He already knew he had enough problems in the bathroom, as in getting into trouble all the time.

My point? Maybe we should just talk to the kids. They recognize that a dangerous person isn’t dangerous because they identify with female or male, though biologically they are not. They see a person who just wants to pee. They recognize bathrooms as a place to take care of business, perhaps a source of a few jokes, and that is it. They are not wrapped up in politics and as much as children can be cruel, they also recognize that this isn’t something you mess with. I won’t get into the argument about this because there really isn’t an argument, it is a moot point in the very least and these kids proved it.

She drug me away from the group to tell me this story, she was so excited (the mom) and she had me teary eyed at the end. Seriously, listen to the children even if it is just for  a few minutes. Maybe you will learn to be a decent human again.