I am participating in the first
NoMoreShame November!


PTSD is not just a happening to soldiers. Rape, bully and sexual abuse victims as well as any trauma victim can experience this debilitating disorder.

This summer and earlier this fall I continued to try to bust ass and get some of the things under control so my PTSD is not triggered. Those who have not read about why I suffer from PTSD, or a bit of my story can read my first reveal for RAPE CULTURE  and the other from this summer about new beginnings and surviving PTSD. I have also had authors discussing PTSD in relation to their novels. One such can be found HERE. I am a strong supporter for PTSD awareness and so this project falls right into my sights!

nomoreshame-button-Today the #NoMoreShame Project’s anthology, Discovering True: #NoMoreShame Project Anthology, Volume 1, released (will be discussing it further and reviewing). For those who are unfamiliar, you can click on the image and it will to the main site. You can follow the project by the #NoMoreShame hashtag, you can become involved in the #SexAbuseChat on Tuesdays from 6PM PST (follow the twitter account @SexAbuseChat). Though I am not a childhood sexual abuse survivor, my rapes put me in a similar risk category.

Like all survivors of sexual abuse, rape, bullying etc, PTSD is a risk. Below is wonderful infographic from Carrington College.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) � The Invisible Scars

ABOUT: Original by Carrington College. Found on Visually. Every June is PTSD Awareness Month. Learn more about PTSD here. Thumbnail image is a public domain image.


How to get involved

  • Go to the #NoMoreShame Project Facebook page and download the #NoMoreShame November button (right click and save). Use it as your avatar throughout November, and especially on and around November 17th, which is the date the first #NoMoreShame Project anthology publishes.
  • Second, if you write a blog, even if it’s not about topics directly related to survivors, we want to feature it on the Nomoreshameproject.com website. We want people to know we are wonderful, incredible beings with much to offer the world! So just shoot me an email at [email protected] with your blog link if you want to be included.
  • Buy the first #NoMoreShame Project anthology of survivor stories when it publishes on November 17, 2014. It will be available on Amazon. Buy it, read it, share it!
  • We are publishing a Survivor Story-a-Day on the website. Please read and share these stories on social media. We’d love to feature anyone’s story from this group! If you’re interested in that please email me at [email protected].
  • Finally, go check out The #NoMoreShame Project YouTube Channel. Subscribe and share the videos.