VBT Up the Tower Tour Book Cover Banner copyFirst before I get to this amazing post from J.P. Lantern author many awesome short story collections and his latest, Up The Tower, which is the Book of the Day today, I wanted to apologize to all the Goddess Fish tour followers for being late. I am suffering from an extreme tooth-pocalypse and am was not even functioning yesterday. Of course I should have had this up and scheduled but heck, I am one of those last minute gals! AGAIN I am SO sorry to you and to Goddess Fish and J.P. I hope my recipe I am adding will also help my cause! ANYWAY on with the tour!

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Lately I have been wanting to do more with my foodie blog wanna be status and still maintain my books. I do review and a recipes, I have been merging it with my Monday posts (Mama’s Kitchen Monday’s) lately and trying to share two of my favorite things, books and food! So instead of a regular interview I asked J.P. (and a bunch of others coming soon) what their top ten comfort foods and vices were while writing.

Top Ten Comfort Foods!

MEDIA-KIT-Author-PhotoOkay, so I am a comfort food person—I stress eat ALL the time, and am constantly trying to find replacements for the salty, nasty things that my belly is telling me to eat: pizza rolls, bagel bites, and pizza. So I’m much more of a savory over sweet kind of guy. These are the things I eat when I am not making the most horrible food decisions:

1Barbecue Sauce

I know this isn’t technically a “food,” and I know also that you only put it on foods when you want the taste of BBQ sauce and not the expertly prepared (I expect?) food you’ve put together yourself. But for me, it goes on pretty much everything. I prefer smoky over tangy, savory over sweet, and anything without high fructose corn syrup (Stubb’s is a brand that promotes this!)

Stubb's BBQ - Helping Hand to all piggies for the roasting since 1968 - Lubbuck TX

Stubb’s BBQ – Helping Hand to all piggies for the roasting since 1968 – Lubbuck TX


Wait did you just say STUBB’S??? Oh my WORD, that is one of my favorite’s too! We cannot get it up here in Alaska so I had to offer my first born.. ummm well sort of, to have Mum send me a few bottles. But she soon tired of this and now I make my copy-cat recipe! (Though it is sold on AMAZON)

Guess I should share it huh? I mean how are you suppose to keep writing if you have no ribs?  No worries, check below this and you will see! I love BBQ myself too, and I do have to have it smokey and savory. I actually have several BBQ sauce recipes but this one is Geoff’s and my favorites. GREAT in the slow cooker too, just take down the water a bit.. oh wait we are int he middle of your tour stop! OOPS!


MEDIA-KIT-Author-PhotoAgain, not technically a food, and hell, it’s probably doing a lot more to add to my stress levels than to comfort them, but I can’t do anything (including writing) without it. I think that’s pretty much the definition of a comfort food, right?

Morning Coffee


I argue that coffee is a food. I have lived on it before… this one time… at band.. err college! I have to have a cup a day and it is sure does fit it! I usually add “..and vices” to the top ten comfort food request! Oops! But Coffee is not a vice, it is the elixir of life. The essence of the gods.. yepperama, it is pretty much a necessity in this house!

3Breakfast Scrambler

JP-initialsThis one is nice and healthy and lets me feel decent about my eating choices for a while. Basically, it’s just one chopped up apple, about a cup of squished-up sweet potatoes, three large eggs, and a handful of kale. I toss it all into a pan with some coconut oil, in the above order, and stir it around for about five-ten minutes until the eggs are all probably mixed in with everything and nice and cooked. If you let the apples sit on low-heat in the oil for a while, they become really tasty, and a nice counterweight (along with the sweet potatoes) to the bitterness of the kale. This one is easy to make ahead of time and pop in the fridge for the next morning as well.

drooling I have always loved Kale. Before everyone started eating it because it is healthy. I may not be healthy like you (eating wise) but Kale is the bomb. Everyone remind me to post my Kale bacon dish (yes if you add bacon they will eat it, Charlie Brown!)… seriously though, apples and sweet potatoes, HOLY HELL BATMAN!, J.P., are you just trying to make me go shopping! Have you grabbed this book yet? Let Them Eat Kale is one of my favorite new Cookbooks Mum grabbed for me. 

4Any sort Pop-Tart or Pop-Tart rip off.

J.P. – They are called plop tarts in my house, because I only get them when I need to plop down and fuel my writing in a hurry.

C.G.This is why you have to eat Kale for breakfast huh? //smh

5Carrots and hummus.

J.P. -This is a new one; another replacement for worse things. There’s enough fat in the hummus to fill me up, and enough chewy crispiness in the carrots to keep my mouth busy for a while.

hummusC.G. – Oh heck yes. Hummus is one of the staple must haves in the fridge. I love dipping anything into it, and I do mean anything *waggling eyebrows* oops you’re not the erotica author, she’s next week… *clearing throat* anyway… I love hummus and make my own all the time and when I do not my favorite is 

6Chicken sausage hot dogs.

J.G. –  So, this is an old favorite of mine. Basically, Trader Joe’s sells all these different kinds of chicken sausage. I pop those in the microwave, warm up some whole wheat buns, and then munch down.

C.G…..Bird’s of a feather.. are you sure we don’t know each other? Maybe share the same grandparents or something?

7Clif Barsclif-r3_cmc

J.G. – Any sort will do, but I like the Cool Mint ones. They taste like a bigger, munchier form of the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.

C.G. – I can see the merit, however nothing beats a Thin Mint Cookie.. speaking of which I hope I still have those two boxes I hid in the back of the freezer so after my surgery stuff heals I can eat them… wait.. there is only one box! GEOFF!!!

8Frozen Mangos

frozen-mango-goodnessJ.P. – This one will probably take a trip to the sideline in the upcoming months, but during the summer and spring, I overheat very easily. I try to counter that by popping a frozen mango in my mouth, letting it melt a bit, and chewing down. Very refreshing.

C.G. – Excuse me, are you sure we are not related somehow? I am adopted after all.. Brother from another mother or father perhaps? Seriously! Mango’s are my number one fruit. I love all my fruit frozen if you can freeze it. It is so good on a hot summer day. I freeze it and plop it into my wine flip sometimes too. Fruity deliciousness!


J.P. – Or any nut, really. Cashews are the latest in a long line of walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and so on. I prefer the unsalted, dry roasted kind. Organic if possible! Easy to eat while writing, which is always a plus.

i-like-big-nuts-and-i-cannot-lie_designC.G. – Cashews in anything.. I love nuts too. We add them a lot to our food because we do eat a lot of vegetarian dishes. One of my favorite meals is my simple Cashew Chicken Black and Tan (black and brown rice blend). If you chop some of them and throw them mid-way through the chicken portion of your wok moment the chicken is even more tasty. The rest I throw in after I add the sauce. Now I want nuts… Oh Geooooooooooof (oops sorry again with the erotica author!)

10Homemade Pizza

J.P. – Okay, so I know I said I wasn’t going to list pizza, but this is homemade! That means good for you, right? I usually end up using a whole wheat dough and toss on whatever ingredients I can scrounge up from the fridge. If I’m in BIG need of comfort, I just end up making an enormous calzone.

On that note, you guys I am really sorry. It is ok, you can go to the store now or order some delivery. Me? Maybe I can make a killer plate of eggs and kale since I happen to have both in the fridge.. hmmm soft food, ohhh and sweet potatoes too, no apples though. Oh wait, you thought I forgot, huh! Before all the epic book goodness, let’s get y’all the BBQ Sauce recipe!


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