arabesque-dividerFrom the Witchcraft of Writing to 14th Century Medieval England, C.L. Foster is back today for another Fourth-Wall Friday. Being a medievalist I always get a bit of a giggle when I get to play in the realm. Grab a coffee, tea or a glass of meade and yell… HUZZAH! Then… read and enjoy! Please let C.L. Foster know how you liked it!


The scowl that creased my forehead was not very becoming, I’m sure, but it fit with the moment and was necessary. Sweat dripped down the back of my neck and I squinted up at the blaring sun. Was it hotter in 14th Century England? It seemed to be hotter to me, but it was probably because of my current way of dress and activities.

Why am I standing here in armor, brandishing a wooden sword? I come for a visit and this is how you greet me?” I asked my opponent as he strutted around, causing the dust to rise under his footfalls.

“Oh, come now. This will be the highlight of your week and you know it,” he smiled.

Stabbing the sword into the ground and leaning lazily on the wooden fencing around the outdoor practice arena, I cocked an eyebrow at him. “You believe you know me already, do you?”

I know a violent sparkle when I see one and you have it in your eyes. Either you are a ruthless villain or you enjoy the fight, which is it?” he shrugged knowing one was right.

I put my hands up in defeat. “Okay, you got me. I do enjoy the fight. It’s fascinating to see all of this and no one that I know can say they’ve trained with a Prince.”

People in your time must be dreadfully boring,” he chuckled.

Some, yes, but it’s not their fault. They are stuck in their time doing what everyone else is doing instead of doing what makes them happiest. That’s the way of life then. It’s a little sad… to me, at least.”

How dreadful! Come, let’s see if I can try to get you fit to be a villain,” he said, gesturing toward the center of the arena. “At least you can embrace this day and do something different.”

Taking a long, slow breath, I nodded. Grabbing my training weapon, I rounded the fencing as others joined from the far side.

Blocking the sun with my hand over my eyes, I squinted to see who was approaching. “Are you about to make this a very unfair fight?” I asked.

Why of course not, my lady,” he bowed and took a step backward. “I take it you know Lord Kyros?”

I nodded. “Well, of course I do.”

He heard you were going to be here today and had to meet you. His words, not mine.”

Well, I’m pleased to meet him,” I said as I smiled at the newcomers.

And Mr. Monte Claire?” he asked next.

A slow blush crept across my face when Ezra’s eyes danced across my face. I nodded again.

Sparring-with-your-FWF-CL-FosterMy lady,” Ezra said as he took my hand and kissed it sweetly.

Sir,” I responded softly.

Chuckling, Bastian elbowed his way past Ezra. “My lady, very nice to meet you finally.”

And you, as well.” I knew my smile was radiating at this point, but there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.

You seem more excited to see these two than me, lady. I feel I should be offended,” the first gentleman said.

“Prince Edward, that’s just silly. I adore that you took some time out to hang with me,” I answered.

Hang?” he looked shocked.

Oops, I forget where I’m from sometimes,” I paused to think for a moment. “In my time, to ‘hang’ means you spend time with friends or family for fun.”

This doesn’t sound like much fun to me, but I will take your lead and trust in you,” he answered with a nod and a smile.

Thank you, sir. I appreciate that level of trust,” I said with a wink. “Also, in my day, you are quite infamous and are referred to as the Black Prince of Wales.” I watched as his eyes widened, then a giant smiled emerged.

I rather like that. It makes me sound quite dangerous.”

Which you totally are,” I reminded. “Just look at your black armor and scary disposition. I’m frightened.” I chuckled, but thought I pulled off the faux-frightened look really well. “You conquered many and took control of any situation you wished. Even though you didn’t become King, your reputation continues to be the interest of many.”

You know of what was documented about me and what you assume or write about me, but I am a treacherous villain!” he shouted before chuckling. “To be honest, I’ve forgotten many of my conquests and things. I just wanted a normal life and to live my days split between the battlefield and my home.”

Yes, I know. You are much like Bastian in that way,” I said.

Edward looked over at Bastian and nodded. “He certainly has more in common with me than I expected.  I’m wondering if he knows what he’s gotten himself into with Adalira?”

No men ever truly know what they are getting themselves into when they choose their partner,” I said with a chuckle. “I’m sure you never expected Malinda to want to throw pottery at your head or chase you down on horseback to chastise you in public, but it is what it is. Am I right?”

Bastian, Ezra, and I all burst into a round of laughter. They stopped long before I did.

You are a fearsome creature, to be sure,” I managed as I choked on my laughter. “Men and women alike cower at your feet!” I coughed and stood straighter. “You were about to teach me some dangerous moves to kick butt with?”

He eyeballed me for a moment before nodding and stepping closer into the center of the ring. “I fear you are much more villainous that you seem, but I will teach you some skills and will at least feel better knowing I helped someone protect themselves.”


Don’t you mean you helped a lowly woman feel safe in her own skin?” I said it with a Southern accent and threw my head back in a damsel in distress sort of way. I knew it would bug him, but that was my point. I grinned at him while I took my fighting stance and readied myself for his first attack.

Do you taunt me, woman?” he asked as he sidestepped to slowly circle around me. A true predator.

Who, me? Never!” I jested.

He chuckled. “You are a fiery one, aren’t you?”

In my defense, you saw the evil twinkle in my eye long before now,” I reminded him. “And still you chose this path.”

Yes, this is true.” He stepped forward and threw a solid blow toward me, which I quickly sidestepped before returning a blow of my own, landing it solidly to his right side.

Sneaky devil,” he said with pride as he coughed out his pain.

Learn from the best!” I said as I readied myself for another attack.

A moment later, I landed solidly on my back, knocking the wind out of me. Looking up, I saw Ezra grin down at me. “Careful, my lady. You must keep your eye on all opponents at all times.”

Oh, you’re my opponent, are you?” I asked as I took the hand he extended to help me up. “Here I was thinking you were just here to enjoy the show.”

While it’s a pleasure to watch you assault the Prince,” Ezra looked to Edward with a shrug, “I found a moment to teach you something, so I took it. I hope it helps you at some point.”

Even though his hand on mine was quite literally making me lose my footing, I managed to pretend to keep a balanced mind.

Shaking the swoon from my brain, I managed to say, “In fact, that’s a lesson I’ve been trying to drill into my own head for months… or even years. Preparing myself for life has caused me to hit many potholes…. Ermmmm,” I looked around at my present company, realizing I needed a new metaphor, “I mean, in life, I find that the road can be quite bumpy, but if I can look ahead and trot around the bumps, things will be a lot smoother.”

Riding a horse is never a truly smooth task,” Bastian pointed out.

Quite true, but the more you practice and know your horse, the better things go. He trusts you, you trust him. It’s a working partnership,” I pointed out. “If you fail to care about your partner or path that is when things go terribly wrong.”

The lady makes much sense,” Edward said approvingly.

Maybe you guys can remember that also?” I suggested.

Aye, my lady. That is something we all should take to heart,” Ezra agreed.

Okay, good,” I looked up and saw the sun waning. “Not that I don’t totally love you guys and want to spend all of my time here with you, I fear my few minutes with you is over. I promise I will have more time for you soon. Please listen to my lesson and I will try to listen as well.”

Thank you for visiting,” Bastian said as he nodded sweetly.

Was a pleasure,” Edward said. “Any time you need a lesson, I will be here waiting for you.”

I appreciate that. Maybe next time we will have more time for a few real hits. Leaving without any cuts or bruises is going to make it look like I took a nap today instead of visit you,” I said with a chuckle.

If you have time, I’m sure I can muss you up and make it look like you spent your time very well,” Ezra nearly purred into my ear.

A shiver rocked my spine and my head spun for a moment. “And while that sounds like a brilliant way to spend my day, whatever would you do if I got stuck here?” I asked reasonably.

Continue to make sure your time wasn’t wasted,” he answered without skipping a beat.

Oh, Ezra. You could very well be the death of me, sir,” I said breathlessly.

What a way to go,” he agreed with a nod as he placed another sweet kiss to my knuckles.

I closed my eyes and waited for the moment to pass. When I opened my eyes and found myself back in my office, I was a mixture of relieved and saddened. I love my characters, some a little more than others. The worlds I paint are something I want to see with my own eyes. While I know I can’t stay there, stepping inside and taking a look around are one of my favorite things to do. I miss them already. Maybe it’s time for book two?







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