It’s that time of year again. The day where we are “suppose” to get to sit on our asses, have breakfast brought to us in bed (even if it is lumpy oatmeal and burnt toast we will eat it and love it because they .. the ones we have spawned, made it for us!

Growing up I was encouraged to make all my presents for my family members so I made a lot of breakfasts (which is why I know how to make fry the perfect slice of bacon, flip the perfect pancake and fold the perfect omelet. Breakfast was my dad’s territory and I always picked pansy’s from my mother’s flower boxes and delivered it with the perfect cup of “just like mud” coffee…just the way Madre liked it!


Today you are the queen of your little world. They best be making sure before you sit down you have the remote in reach, the channel is not on ESPN, and … they are quiet or if there is noise it is the noise from them cleaning up their rooms or getting dinner ready!


It is going to be a quiet day today for this Alaskan Mamma.  The Hubz has it off and he is going to be making me coffee today. (He just announced that he can at least do that). I also don’t have to clean up after the cat (believe me this is an issue). Wonder if I can get him to actually cook? Think it is to much to ask for a disk of my favorite stir fry?


Ya probably too much to ask, but hey a Mom can dream right?

morning-coffee i-wanna-pony

 When I was a kid I always asked my mom for a pony… I would tell her if I got a money I would celebrate Mother’s Day for a whole week! My mom would say, “I want a pony to honey, but your father doesn’t think it is appropriate for a grown woman to want a pony…” Seriously she would, I just was giving her a hard time about it. It was kind of one of our dances. I always wondered about that…


I tried turning it around when I was first married and figured it was my first mother’s day, I wanted a damn pony!! My husband just looked at me and handed me coffee and the remote and backed away out of the living room.



My mom is pretty freaking awesome. I am going to miss her today. Maybe I will make pancakes for Geoff and I for dinner, and fry up some of that perfect bacon just like Daddy taught me and toast her with my Happy V. Coffee! All I know is today is a pretty awesome day. I love being a mom, my kids are scattered living their own lives or going to school so no breakfast in bed for me from them, but that is OK because I get phone calls and virtual hugs.

So for all the moms out there…

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I wonder though… now that the kids are no longer in the house, does my mom still ask for a pony??


 What did you get for Mother’s Day.. or what did you get your mom?