Mama’s Kitchen No.4

Some days a bowl of slow cooked chili is just what the doctor ordered…


…and somedays a chili dog is the only thing that makes the world rotate on that awesomesauce axis!  Justin Bog had begged for my chili recipe for months and I finally came through with it and now he loves making it, when he can. My daughter loves it and when I asked her what she wanted to have me post this week she said chili dogs, which meant I got to repost my famous chili recipe. Yes, famous!  Just ask my kids, all those soldiers I fed at Fort Hood, Huachuca, and Wainwright. Heck, I make a mean bowl of chili.

I want it noted when I made chili for the family it had to be made in our Nesco slow cooker, all 18 quarts of it. I actually managed to talk my ex-husband into buying me the cooker so I could cook my pies in the oven and the turkey in the slow-cooker by pointing out I could make said 18 quarts of chili at one time. I have never seen him whip a credit card as fast as he did that day. Chili is not just for cold winter days, it is also for those perfect summer BBQ’s and making Frito Pie, and of course making Chili Dogs. 

Whoever actually came up with the chili dog needs to be surrounded with men in tights baring poms poms and tap shoes and cheerleaders in short shirts with jazz hands.. or wait.. is that men in tights with jazz hands and cheer leaders… crap.. Well they deserve a lot of rah-rah-rah and ziiiiiiiiiiiiing! Chili dogs are the BOMB! Ask the man in tights!

men in tights

Nothing like a grilled hot dog with lightly crisp lines from the grill, a bun brushed with butter and toasted…spooned over with slow cooked outstanding chili, mustard, shredded cheese and minced onions. Perfection!

Traditionally the chili used is chili con-carne but I want to state, for the record, chili in my house is full of meat but I adore beans in my chili and since no one can figure out the origins of chili dogs, I make KICKASS CHILI DOGS with beans in my chili.. hence they Kickass, get it? Kickass? KickASS… oh nevermind go buy some Beano© and enjoy!! (BTW if you soak your beans overnight instead of using canned beans and add the cocoa your beans will not make you ass KICKASS in the belly!! They will make you feel totally Kickass!).

Make up a some of Amanda Carol’s Slow Cooked Chili and make sure your man (or woMAN) is grilling some dawgs and buns and get ready to throw together an American classic. Here are some alternatives, some are variants from some of the rumored origins of the dogs; the Greeks down on Coney Island.

  • grilled dawg, grilled buttered bun, chili, chopped tomatoes, sour cream, chopped onions
  • grilled dawg, grilled buttered bun, chili, mustard, shredded cheese, chopped onions.
  • grilled dawg, grilled buttered bun, with chili, ketchup, grated cheddar & colby, and mustard
  • or just grill that dawg, throw it in the bun, slap some chili on it and stuff it down your chili dog hole!

Cabin Chili Dog
Wrap that puppy in #bacon, grill it and than DO YOU WORST!!!


Mama’s Kitchen Mondays is a project and feature I am using to not only facilitate my writing of my cookbooks but also by request of my daughter Amanda Carol who was married this year and is over 4000 miles away in Rochester, NY cooking for her new family. Enjoy and remember, good cooks never truly give you their recipes, but they always give you good recipes!


What’s on your chili dog?