I want to say a special thank you to Stephen Zimmer and Seventh Star Press for letting me host during this EPIC virtual book tour for the release the third book in the Fire of Eden series,  Spirit of Fire. Also for attempting to talk about epic fantasy writing. Yes I say attempt for apparently there should be a disclaimer when dealing directly with me for to long.. something perhaps like:


Exclusive Artwork by Matthew Perry

*shaking head* Seriously, am I really that scary? Perhaps occasionally I stand on the hill in my snowbound fortress, gazing at the roaming hordes of carefully maintained stripper zombies as they keep the perimeter clear of the militants from up on the ridge and eating the mutant squirrels before they get to the rafters to eat all our insulation. The breeze rippling through my homespun sun bleached woolen robe, embroidered with thread made by the Inuit’s in tribute with the shed fur from their prize sled dogs. Thread which is woven through with gold, edging my robs in a unique Athabaskan pattern…What can I say, the Unifier had awesome taste in outfits!  Maybe I can be a bit scary,  I will direct the mice to prepare BiPolar Pumpkin to deliver to you a few cases of our prized Bush Town flavor Monster Energy Drink as a tribute from my lands!

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I do need to clarify something, before you watch Makin’ Bacon with Stephen Zimmer. He and I agreed that he would talk about what makes an epic fantasy, or a fantasy epic and I did challenge him, OK I kept at him till he agreed, at least I thought he did but he was so focused on Fandom Fest maybe he remembers it wrong, plus it was his birthday yesterday and this was filmed after his birthday dinner (can anyone say Monster Margarita?)

I thought it would be festive if he made a themed breakfast! Perhaps Poached Elf Balls with Sky Steed Center Cut Bacon? Seriously, the elves in this series are not bad asses, they are asshats. I thought it would be apropos to have them as part of a scrumptious feast, eating the proverbial HEART and soul of such brutal dictators and slaughterers of the innocent as well as grand Trogen warriors.  Just ask Dragol, Trogen Warrior of the Thunder Wolf Clan here. There has always been a war on within the pages of Stephen Zimmer’s Fire of Eden Series, and his latest is even more epic! The book is being received so well, and I am still in the midst of the first book as the players from our world are being integrated into this fantasy world build of Stephens. All I can say is he is ONE hell of a beautiful writer, and the book I am reading is just the first.

So since we are not going to hear about epic fantasy from Stephen, here is the official WorldCat definition of  epic fantasy:


Epic fiction

Definition: Use for works that parallel traditional epics in range and magnitude, and are, or could be, characterized by grandiose treatment of individuals or national destiny.

Now, the bacon, because let’s face it… everything is better with bacon!

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Born in Denver, Colorado, Stephen Zimmer is an award-winning fantasy author and filmmaker based out of Lexington, Kentucky. Stephen has two series being published through Seventh Star Press.

One is the epic fantasy Fires in Eden Series (which includes Crown of Vengeance, the winner of a 2010 Pluto Award for Best Novel). The series stands at three titles.

The other is an epic-scale urban fantasy series, The Rising Dawn Saga. This series stands at three titles, with the fourth scheduled for release in winter of 2012/2013.  Book Three, The Seventh Throne, polled fourth for Best Novel in the 2011 Tor.com Reader’s Choice Awards.

Both series are now affiliated with two growing collections of eBook short stories. The Chronicles of Ave short stories are set in the world revealed in the Fires in Eden Series, while the Annals of the Rising Dawn short stories are set in the world of the Rising Dawn Saga.

His other published short fiction includes the short stories “In the Mountain Skies” and “An Island Sojourn” in the Dreams of Steam I and II steampunk anthologies (edited by Kimberly Richardson), from Kerlak Publishing.

As a filmmaker, Stephen has credits in fantasy and horror, including the supernatural thriller Shadows Light (feature), The Sirens (horror short film), and Swordbearer (fantasy short film featuring a special appearance by former WWE wrestler Al Snow, and based upon the H. David Blalock novel Ascendant.)

Updates and information about Stephen can always be obtained at the following:

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Spirit of Fire (Fires of Eden)

Deep Within Everyone, There is a Spirit of Fire…

A maelstrom of war engulfs lands resisting the designs of the Unifier to bring about a new order, of a kind that has never existed within Ave. Battered by a massive invasion force from Gallea, the tribal people of the Five Realms and their Midragardan allies are being driven eastward, towards the sea, while the Saxan lines are wearing down ever thinner on the Plains of Athelney.

Time is running out quickly, as an ancient creature of legend soars through the skies with a brave young Saxan. They carry the desperate hopes of two realms sorely beset by a voracious enemy.
Diabolic entities conduct a great hunt, as a malignant darkness deepens across all of Ave. Exiles from another world must gain refuge, or find themselves ensnared by the long reach of the Unifier. The very nature of creation itself stands in the balance.

It is a time when the honor and fortitude of many are put to the test, and terrible prices are paid for resisting great evils. It is also a time of awakening for many, old and young alike, some of whom may yet discover the spirit of fire that lies within.

The third installment in the Fires in Eden series, Spirit of Fire is richly imagined epic fantasy with a diverse ensemble of characters that offers a new world to explore for readers who enjoy large-scale tales along the likes of George R.R. Martin, Brandon Sanderson, Steven Erikson, and J.R.R. Tolkien. 


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 SO, what is your favorite Energy Drink and Why? Oh wait.. what is your favorite Bacon Recipe and why? OH WAIT.. so what makes an epic fantasy EPIC? Comment away!

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